Premium Exterior Wash&Wax

Approximately 2hr

From £150

High-gloss, which is great for shows and summer.

This premium service delivers a comprehensive exterior wash, featuring the following components:

  • Application of a high pH snow foam pre-wash to effectively dissolve road grime, salt, and traffic film, particularly prevalent during winter
  • Thorough cleaning of wheel arches, tires, alloys, brake calipers, door handles/jams, and windows/seals
  • Application of a ceramic coating on the windows, providing exceptional water repellency and rendering windscreen wipers unnecessary during rainy conditions
  • Optional mechanical and chemical decontamination of bodywork and windows using an iron remover and clay bar/mitt, effectively eliminating embedded contaminants and ensuring a flawless appearance, while also enhancing the efficacy and durability of the subsequent coating
  • Cleaning and coating of all faded exterior plastics and rubber, rejuvenating them to a deep and rich colour while providing essential protection
  • Application of a unique, long-lasting blend of 10 waxes infused with ceramic (Si02) and graphene technology, delivering up to 6 months of standalone protection. Additionally, a hydrophobic graphene topper wax is applied to further extend the longevity and fortify the base coating
  • Dressing of tires with a long-lasting tire gel, leaving them well-protected and imparting a rich, fresh appearance. Both shiny and matte finishes for tires are available based on your preference
  • Application of a glossy wax to protect and enhance the appearance of the alloys

Please note that the Engine Bay Detail is available as a separate service. For more information, check this link.

The pricing for this service is subject to variation based on the size and condition of your vehicle.