Deluxe Exterior Detail

Approximately 1 Day

From POA

Next-level exterior cleaning.
The most durable form of protection.

Application of a high pH snow foam pre-wash to effectively dissolve winter-induced road grime, salt, and traffic film.

  • Meticulous cleaning of wheel arches, tires, alloys, brake callipers, door handles/jams, and windows/seals
  • Application of a 1-year hydrophobic ceramic coating on the windows, rendering the need for windscreen wipers obsolete in adverse weather conditions
  • Mechanical and chemical decontamination will then be performed on the bodywork and windows, utilizing an iron remover and clay bar/mitt to remove embedded contaminants, resulting in a pristine appearance, and enhancing the effectiveness and longevity of the applied coating
  • Additionally, faded exterior plastics and rubber components will be cleaned and coated to restore their deep and rich colour and protect them from UV rays
  • The bodywork and exterior glossed plastics will undergo a one-step paint enhancement and finish via machine polishing. This process effectively removes light swirls and scratches from the clearcoat while preparing the surface for ceramic coating application
  • Following the completion of the polishing stage, the bodywork will be meticulously wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to ensure the removal of any residual polishing oils or residue
  • Subsequently, a five-year ceramic coating will be expertly applied to the bodywork, providing durable protection, and enhancing its appearance
  • For the wheels, a three-year ceramic coating will be applied to ensure long-lasting protection and a refined finish

The pricing for this service is subject to variation based on the size and condition of your vehicle.